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  1. Rev. Dr Paul Jinadu - General Overseer, New Covenant Church Worldwide

    Some people have been asking if there is a word from the Lord I can pass on to the church at this time of global pandemic? A word to bring comfort and re-assurance that the Lord is still on the throne, and He will never forget His own. Yes, there is a word. I only wish the Lord had given me one much earlier than now.

    I just got a picture. Covid-19 global virus attack is a baby. By comparison to its mother, it is a baby. If a baby that could hardly walk can bring the world system, health and wealth, to its knees, then what will happen if the mother of all pandemics is unleashed?

    The picture I got was that of an iceberg. What we see on the surface is little compared to the submerged ‘mother’. In other words, the unseen pandemic has been raging for years. Undetected and unfelt in the physical realm. It is through the grace of God, and in answer to a praying Church, that God allowed the baby to raise its ugly head now. So we can have a taste of the silent war that has been raging in the spiritual realm for years, costly lives and creating an immunity against God. The world is just not believing in God, they defy Him.