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  1. Rev. Dr. Paul Jinadu

    "In future, as a steward," the Lord said, "you will not have the right even to give without My permission. And not a penny of My money will be spent except on essentials." Explaining what He meant by this, the Lord asked him, "If you had a family of children who were without food or clothing, would you spend a penny on a daily paper, or on any non-essential?" "No." "Well, the world is My parish, and while there is one person needing the necessities of life, you will not spend a penny on anything else."

    He faced what it would mean to lose that joy of giving, and the bondage he would be in for the rest of his days. But he had come before God to pay his vow. So, turning from the path, he knelt on the grass at the side of the road, and as there was no one else present, he called the stars and the cloud of witnesses to record that from that night on he was only a channel.