Blue Book

This book is about what we believe as a church, our aims and objectives, and how far we have managed to structure and organize ourselves to fully conform to the vision of a New Testament Church. It is about our guiding principles and practices.

As we walk with the Holy Spirit we trust Him to lead us in a progressive revelation. Each edition of the Blue Book will open the window on how far we’ve come.

It is my hope that every leader in the church will familiarize himself with the content of this book, so that we can all walk in steps, and be clear about what we do, why we do it, and how we go about doing it.

Rev. Dr. Paul Jinadu - General Overseer

How To Access The Blue Book

The Blue Book is freely available to members of the New Covenant Church. To access the full version of The Blue Book, please contact your pastor to obtain the login details. If you already have the login details, click on this LINK or on the image to your left,