Covenant Men International (CMI) is a committee of men from all walks of life who are determined to pool their resources (social, economic and spiritual to foster a dynamic and progressive movement through international networking to reach higher grounds in all areas of man’s endeavours.

Our Aims Are:

  • To have total commitment to Jesus Christ through worship, prayer and obedience to His word and preaching the Gospel to every creature
  • To have a meaningful relationship with other men on a regular basis
  • To preserve morality, purity and spirituality in all conduct of life
  • To commit ourselves to building strong marriages and families through love and biblical values
  • To preserve excellence in career, profession and calling
  • To support the church of Christ by honouring and praying for the leaders and by giving our time and resources
  • To be positive influence in the world socially, economically, and spiritually

Our Strategies Are:

  • Holding regular business meetings over breakfast or dinner
  • Facilitating corporate fellowship and networking.
  • Organising conferences and seminars geared towards achieving our set aims
  • Organising periodic outreaches to win men to Christ