To the glory of God, New Covenant Church Healing School and Covenant Healing Rooms have seen many people touched by the power of God. Tumors, Cancer, Diabetes, Brain damage, Arthritis etc., have all been healed in Jesus Name. Homes were restored, the barren gave birth and debts cancelled.

Healing School is based on Mark 6:56 …and all who touched Him were healed, and Proverbs 4:20-22: God’s Word is health or medicine to all our flesh. We believe God wants you well and has provided healing and health for you in your body, soul and spirit through Jesus Christ.

The Healing School will:

Equip you with the Word of God and help you build a strong faith foundation

Create an environment for healing to take place through Worship

Provide one-to-one ministry and teach you how to keep your healing

Meetings are open to Church members and the public. They are held quarterly on the 1st Saturday of the month between 11am and 2pm.

Covenant Healing Rooms is part of the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). There is provision of one-to-one prayer and ministry. The Healing Rooms are open to the public on Wednesdays between 1pm – 6pm, mostly by appointment. All meetings, unless otherwise advertised are held at: New Covenant Church, 506-510 Old Kent Road, London SE1 5BA

For your prayer requests, to share your testimonies, order audio tapes, VCD’s, CD’s, Healing School material, or for more information, please contact the Church office on 020 7231 9817 or email us on covenanthealingrooms@yahoo.co.uk