Don’t Blame The Seed, Check The Soil

Revival is the normal Church life, when God is close to His people, and does wonderful things in their midst. There are three basic keys to unlocking this move of God: Unity among the brethren (those involved in seeking God’s face), Prayer (the kind where you are prepared to meet all the conditions in preparing a habitation for God), and Preaching (the true gospel). The next series of articles explore the quality and content of the gospel message that will be honoured by the Holy Spirit.

Quote from Paris Reidhead:

“If I had my way, I would declare a moratorium on public preaching of ‘the plan of salvation’ in America for one to two years. Then I would call on everyone who has use of the airways and the pulpits to preach the holiness of God, the righteousness of God and the law of God, until sinners would cry out, ‘What must we do to be saved?’ Then I would take them off in a corner and whisper the gospel to them. Such drastic action is needed because we have gospel-hardened a generation of sinners by telling them how to be saved before they have any understanding why they need to be saved.”

The Law of God                                                                                                                  God’s Law prepares the heart of the sinner for the good news of the gospel. Without this preparatory work, his heart is hardened and he therefore becomes a candidate for a false conversion. Those who preach grace alone look to the many thousands who have remained in fellowship as clear evidence to justify the presentation of a gospel which makes no reference to the Law.

Follow The Manual                                                                                                           During a great war, there was a man who invented a parachute that was one hundred percent trustworthy. It made no difference whether the user was large or small; it opened everytime and got him safely to the ground. The key was in the way it was folded. Every part of the parachute had to be carefully and painstakingly placed in certain positions, following the instructions given by the manufacturer. True, it was somewhat arduous, but it was well worth the effort. It had the effect of ensuring that the life of every precious human being who trusted the parachute would be preserved.

Many years after the war began, a group of young men known as “fast-folders” entered the packing room. These men so influenced the workers with their new fast and easy method of folding that soon they all completely ignored the instruction book given by the manufacturer. Production increased greatly and everyone rejoiced that so much time and effort had been saved. However, as time passed it slowly became evident that something was radically wrong. In fact, a small group of investigators who went to where the parachutes were being used found to their horror that of every ten who jumped using the new method, nine tragically fell to their deaths! The horrible sight of so many mangled and rotting bodies strewn all over the ground sickened them.

A report was quickly relayed to the fast-folders. Many were heart-broken, and immediately went back to the instruction book and corrected their mistake. With great sobriety and care, they began painstakingly folding each parachute exactly as the book instructed. Their knowledge of the tragedies motivated them to make sure that they did their job with uncompromising conviction.

Yet, there was resistance from a few. Even though they knew that so many lives were being lost, they still refused to follow the instruction book. Unbelievably, they ignored the mass of mangled and rotting bodies, for which they were directly responsible. Instead, they pointed to those who had survived their fast-folding method as justification for their technique.

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