Before the time for my retirement came up, I thought I would be so less busy that I would almost be redundant. How wrong I was!!!

When I retired I found that my character while in office had a lot to do with what I began to experience in retirement.

I work now as an International Pastor with responsibility of planting churches anywhere in any continent of the world!!! What a field of activity.

Those who are making this assignment possible for me are the ones I worked with before I retired.

The lesson therefore is to love those we work with before retirement comes upon us.

To the glory of God and with the cooperation of my base churches (2 branches in Leicester) I was able to launch a branch of New Covenant Church in Limbe, Cameroon. The second branch is almost ready.

After Cameroon, I began to explore Cyprus, Canada and USA

As at now there are two established ministers in Cyprus, five in Canada and one in USA who are ready to establish churches in their various locations.

I travelled to Cyprus in 2021 to see the field and discovered that there were a lot of potentials for church planting.

I have also travelled to Canada to assess the potentials. The trip has been encouraging.

In Canada and USA we have ministers awaiting engagement into ministry.

We have now combined the ready ministers in Cyprus, Canada and USA into weekly meetings on Zoom pending when all resources will be ready for the much awaited take-off of branches.

I want to add that I still assist my local church in any area where my attention is needed.

I can confirm that I am very busy for the Lord in this retirement.

Anyone who retires should never take a redundancy status for any reason whatsoever because I have seen that the labourers are very few while the harvest is still truly plenty.

My conclusion is that ministry can be for life.

Thank you.

Titus Ayoola DANIEL
International Pastor
Leicester Family U.K

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