We were serving in Manchester branch for 15 years before the Lord led us to join the Bolton Church in July 2019. It was a step of faith! When we got to Bolton, we found out that the Bolton church had some financial challenges of which the issue of the free hold was the Goliath of them.
The Bolton church property was purchased in 2016 as a Leasehold and annual rent of £2750 was paid to the Landlord who owned the freehold. In January 2020, the Landlord wrote to that he would increase the land rent from £2750 per annum to £10,000 as he claimed there has not been any rent review for more than 10 years since the agreement stipulated that such review should take place every 5 years.
The church leaders met, and it was clear that we could not afford the rent. He declined our plea for discount on the rent. We took the case to the Lord in prayers and sought legal counsel. We had a commercial lease hold whose terms and condition did not favour us. We were counselled to ask the landlord to sell the free hold to the church as the best option.
We were advised that it is within the right of the landlord not to agree to sell the freehold to us and in that case, we may need to seek legal representation with associated costs. We thank God for showing us great mercy and that is indeed the beginning of the miracle. The Landlord agreed to sell the freehold to the church. Hallleluyah!.
After series of negotiations via letters and telephone calls with the freeholder, in October 2020, he agreed to sell the freehold to the church at a cost of £85,000 with the expectation payments should be concluded by December 2020. We approached a bank to seek for loan to make the payment but unfortunately after assessment of the church financial status, we were declined and advised to contact them after 12 months to reconsider.
The church leadership continued to pray and God spoke to us through his word in Romans 8:32 ‘ He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?’ We were therefore persuaded that God wanted to give us the freehold and we should not need to borrow or take any loan. We contacted the landlord to extend the deadline for payment until March 2021 which he reluctantly agreed with the proviso that if we did not make the full payment by 31st of march, 2021, then we would have to pay £10000 rent from April 2021.
By faith, we started fund raising efforts and wrote to Pastors of New Covenant churches in UK in January 2021. We encouraged brethren to give, and we contacted friends and family members who gave generously..
We give all the glory and praise for His mercies! Within 3 months of fund-raising efforts, despite the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, God provided £85,000 by the deadline of 31st March 2021.
Our appreciation goes to you all, our beloved brethren who are not members of New Covenant church, our friends, family members all our beloved Pastors and members of the New Covenant churches, that God used to raise the funds and bring to pass this great miracle. The Lord God will reward you abundantly and cause all the seed you have sowed to this cause to prosper.
Our God is faithful, He is mighty and there is nothing too difficult for him to do. Let us keep trusting in Him that has called us who is faithful and will do it.
The Lord that delivered the New Covenant Church, Bolton from debts and provided for the free hold during a very globally challenging period is more than able to do exceedingly abundantly and above all you could ask or think.

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