I question if there was one single house on the island that wasn’t visited that night! An awareness of God, a consciousness of God, seemed to hover over the very atmosphere! The very atmosphere seemed to be charged with the power of Almighty God! That is Revival!

Note the principle brought into operation. “If my people called by my name, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I in heaven hear, come, and heal their land.” There was at least one man on that island who fulfilled the conditions of that one passage of Scripture, and because he fulfilled the conditions, God, being a covenant-keeping God, must be true to His covenant engagements. And God, to vindicate His own honour, had to listen to the prayers of the parish postman who knelt in a barn for a day.     

Revival Where The Bible Is Unknown                                                                                         Oh, let’s get this clear. It is a truth we want to lay hold of. And it becomes so wonderfully real in revival. People have said to me, “But you see, Mr. Campbell, up there they know the Word of God and the Holy Spirit has ground to work on. They are not tied up with this doctrine and that doctrine and the other doctrine.”

But listen friends. God sweeps into communities where the Word of God, to a large extent, is unknown. There are such communities in Britain, almost pagan. But I’ve seen God sweeping into such communities. For instance, the Midland of England just recently, sweeping into a godless community, and suddenly men and women understanding perfectly what it means to be born again and what it means to be sanctified, who, before the moving of God knew nothing or could not understand what Christ meant by saying, “You must be born again.” That’s why I say there’s hope for any community when God takes the situation in hand.

MAN’S RESPONSIBILITY FOR REVIVAL                                                                          The origin then is God…and the way God works–I think we’ve seen that. But His agents are His people. God, as I have already said, is the God of revival. He is sovereign, but as I already said, I quote again, “we do not believe in any conception of sovereignty that nullifies my responsibility”…to say as many do today, “Well, we can do nothing, we’ve just to wait for the wind to blow.” Well, that may be a very accommodating doctrine to the man at ease in Zion, but it will not stand in the light of divine revelation.

“If my people, called by my name, will pray.” I wonder how many of us are praying? I wonder how many of us here talking about revival and interested in the convention are giving time to God in prayer.

I’m thankful that I was brought up in a home where prayer had a prominent place. Mother saw that God had at least an hour every morning…stillness in the farm house. No work from half past six in the morning to half past seven. Horses fed at six. Oh, yes, they had to be attended to. (Those were the days of horses…and I’m not sure but what they were better days than the days in which we’re living.) Half past six until half past seven…quietness in the farm house…in order that we might listen to God and give God an opportunity to speak to us.

We are the human agents through which revival is possible. Let me ask this question, “Are you in the place where God can trust you with revival?” He is sovereign. He is supernatural. But He comes down! And in His sovereign purpose and wise economy, He has placed this treasure in earthen vessels. Are you one that He can use? Are you one that He can trust? Are you in intimate fellowship with God?

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