who was converted during the Hebrides revival

The first time I went to one of the cottage meetings that happened after the services in the church were over–and these cottage meetings went on into the night. I’d come home at 6:00 in the morning from these cottage meetings. People didn’t want to part, the one from the other. The presence of God was so wonderful, but so fearful to others and so fearful to me.

On this particular night, they made some kind of appeal for those who were inquiring about their souls that they should come to a room that was cleared for that purpose. The preacher would pray with them. I thought, It’s another meeting. In my ignorance, I thought, It’s another meeting, and I want to go to meetings now. I want to.

Do you see the drawing power of the Spirit of God? “The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost.” I went into that meeting, and I was horrified when I saw that it was just those who were anxious about their souls who were there. Two of my childhood friends were there–two girls from the village. They sat and wept their hearts out. I didn’t feel quite like that yet. 

Duncan Campbell asked the one, “Are you really in earnest about seeking Christ as your Saviour?” I thought, Wow! He’s going to ask me that. What shall I say? I can’t say to the good man, “No.” Why am I here? And I said, “Yes,” but I felt so convicted. I felt like such a hypocrite.

God knew my heart. God knew that, in my ignorance, I did desire something. I didn’t know what. I was now being drawn irresistibly to the things of God. After he had prayed with us and for us, I thought, Well, it’s wonderful to hear someone praying for me. I’ve never heard anyone praying for me personally like this before. My heart responded to it, but I felt, Duncan Campbell can’t save me. He can’t. He can give me all the promises in the book, but God must witness in my heart for myself. I want something that can’t be explained on a human basis. I want God to do it for me.

That night I saw what God had done to my teenage friends. There they were, out on the street at 2:00 in the morning, arms linked and singing, Take the world but give me Jesus; all its joys are but a name; but His love abideth ever through eternal years the same. 

Oh, they sang the height and depth of mercy; oh, the length and breadth of love! Oh, the fullness of redemption, pledge of endless life above. I looked at the faces of these young people. I looked at one girl in particular, and I saw something that I desired more than anything in my life. I thought, You’ve got something that I haven’t got, and I can never be at rest until I find it.

Do you remember the psalmist said, “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us and establish Thou the work of our hands”? I saw the beauty of the Lord in the face of that young girl.

At 3:00 that morning I was on my knees by the old stove in the kitchen, praying, “O God”–and I meant it–“be merciful to me, a sinner”–as if there were no other sinner in the world. I didn’t feel that anything had happened. I went up to my bed. I don’t know whether it was that night or the following night, but I wept myself to sleep. I was lost, lost, lost; and I didn’t know how to get saved. I didn’t feel that God was under any obligation to save me. I had left Him out of my life all my days. I had no interest in His house, His people, all my days. How could I now ask God to give me a ticket to heaven, to save my soul?

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