This is the Young Adults Ministry of New Covenant Church

“Our purpose is to envision the young adults and equip them to become Christians that are intelligent, relevant; successful spiritually, physically, financially, socially, and make a positive impact in society.”

The Young Adults ministry is for those that are 18 years old or started University up to 40 years old. Decisions made in this age range can have great impact on individuals throughout their lives. There are many biblical examples of successful people who made right decisions, and developed themselves between this age range to fulfil the purpose of God for their lives.


  • Joseph became Prime Minister in Egypt at about 30
  • Daniel became Prime Minister in Babylon at about 30
  • Jesus started his ministry at 30
  • Timothy was pastoring a church already in his 20s


Because of who they are in Christ, we believe that every young person can develop godly character, enjoy the fullness of the Christian lifestyle, identify their gifts and ministries, become witnesses for Christ, and pursue academic success and careers without compromising godly principles.

The Youth and Young Adults hold an annual MegaPraise Fiesta.